Our Company

SpiderRock EXS LLC is a registered broker dealer and a FINRA member specializing in electronic execution and market access services.

Products supported

EXS can facilitate execution of all U.S. listed equities and equity/index options via low latency infrastructures directly connected to all equity and options exchanges as well as selective dark pools.

Direct Market Access

As a FINRA member, EXS can structure client-specific market access routes to optimize latency, minimize cost, preserve existing relationships, or provide redundancy. Clients can leverage their prime broker’s infrastructure to access markets or use SpiderRock EXS.

Supervisory Risk

EXS provides a fully compliant 15c3-5 risk layer, allowing market access risk controls to check parent order validation, client firm risk exposure, and account authorization checks.

Regulatory oversight

EXS provides regulatory oversight for clients trading activity, which includes provision of market access routes and risk controls, retention of all trading records, reporting and surveillance obligations.

Knowledgeable and reliable customer support team

Veteran trading specialist quickly respond to workflow as well as technical client issues.

Access to superior routing logic and risk management technology

EXS clients gain access to the SpiderRock Platform, a high-performance cloud-based trading system, which empowers them to implement complex strategies across equity, future, and option asset classes, manage portfolio risk dynamically, and leverage enhanced execution logic.

The background of SpiderRock EXS can be found by using FINRA’s BrokerCheck¬†service.
For additional information about the SpiderRock Platform, please visit https://spiderrock.net/

Our Process


Our Process